The story behind my blog’s name? There are two parts:

gastronome |ˈgastrəˌnōm|noun, a gourmet; a connoisseur of good food; a person with a discerning palate; a person devoted to sensual enjoyment, esp. that derived from fine food and drink.

miette* |mjɛt|noun, a crumb, as in, “there are crumbs all over the table”

As you can tell, both components of my title derive from the french language, because, j’aime le français! And, well, french is the language of cuisine. Gastronomiette refers to that I am a foodie who takes things “in crumb”. What I mean is, I like to get every little detail: whether that be reading the recipe up and down three times before I make it, learning about the history or culture tied to food, or dissecting the dish I order at a restaurant in attempt to be able to replicate it at home.

*Coincidentally, there is a bakery from my area called “Miette”, famous for its french macarons. Unfortunately I’ve never been there (as I’m allergic to macarons), so the name has no connection.


2 thoughts on “Gastrono·miette

  1. Love your blog’s name! So creative! 🙂

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