Get your whole grain on!

I have definitely been neglecting my carb intake lately. I tend to fall into the habit of avoiding carbs, since I’m a bit of a carbophobe (haha), but when I feel fuzzy headed and fatigued I know I need to up my carbohydrate intake (see here and here for more about eating low carb).

Typically, snacks I turn to when I feel the “low carb-flu” coming on are whole grains like brown rice, quinoa, oatmeal (mentioned in my previous post), or popcorn! These carbohydrates contain more fiber than stripped white flours, pasta, and breads, and also have a lower glycemic load (they don’t spike your blood sugar and cause you to feel sleepy or “crash” afterwards).

Yesterday I decided to fall back on one of my favorites, popcorn! Popcorn is the only whole grain that we eat in its 100% whole form, and contains polyphenols. It’s a great quick snack, that is, if you don’t use the pre-packaged microwave variety.

I make my own bagged popcorn at home so I know exactly what goes in it, and it’s much healthier! The best way to have popcorn, in my opinion, is sweet and salty, coated in caramelized sugar, like the kind you get fresh from the farmer’s market. Here’s my recipe for mock- kettle corn in the microwave:

Kettle corn in a Brown bag! 

What to do:

  1. Grab a brown paper bag. Fill it with about 2 T popcorn kernels (any kind will do), 1 T sugar, and a pinch or so of salt.
  2. Spray the inside of the bag with some oil spray.
  3. Fold the bag over at the top 2 or 3 times and shake it up.
  4. Put it in the microwave for between 2:00-3:00 minutes. Play around with timing – I still haven’t perfected it. You should take your popcorn out when popping is about 1  per second.

Snack time! Get your grain on!


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