What’s on your mind?

Part 3 of the Zero to Hero challenge is to post what, hypothetically, started it all.

On what it was that motivated me to start the blog. What made it all reality.

Here’s some context. I’ve been reading food blogs for about 2 years. I read foodgawker regularly (at LEAST once a day), as well as Seriouseats, thekitchn, and yelp. I am a subscriber of Bon Appetit, I get emails from Saveur, and I have a bunch of free issues of America’s Test Kitchen under my coffee machine. I love to watch cooking TV, also, whether it be Anthony Bourdain or Eden Grinshpan’s travel/food shows or Chopped type competitions. I also have a binder full of sheet protectors FILLED with recipe printouts and magazine pages; it’s where I get inspiration. In fact, ever since I’ve been cooking, I’ve been active in the food-media world.

However, I never really wanted to have my own blog. Commitment is an issue, it’s too much work, blah blah blah. But there are so many times that I post pictures of what I’m cooking, and people are like, wow, I want some of that.

So September, 2013. I am a senior in high school, and I’m applying to college. I have this interview, and I’m told to bring “one thing to show about yourself”. I bring my binder, brimming with recipes, and my interviewer was  impressed. But she said something to me, that really stuck. This is great, but you can’t lug this around everywhere. I was disappointed. You should really have somewhere to showcase your recipes to anyone. Have you ever considered a blog?

I went home that afternoon and that’s exactly what I did.


6 thoughts on “What’s on your mind?

  1. Good for you, and keep it up! 🙂

  2. Awesome, if you have a passion follow it! Seems like your love of food and cooking won’t be repressed…love reading your posts, like the previous poster said, keep it up! 😉

  3. My story is similar to yours! My boyfriend was tired of having post its on my food magazines, obsessing with Antonie Bourdain and crying after a new episode of Top Chef ended. That was the birth of my blog! Happy Blogging!

  4. I went to UCLA, and their application process didn’t have anything as cool as that! Just send them your test scores, grades, and an essay. I’m glad that it inspired you to start a blog.

    FYI: none of your links to Serious Eats, thekitchen, etc, are working.

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