New Ingredient: Finger Limes

What are these things?

According to wikipedia, (and the little package they came in), these are finger limes. Appropriately named for their size and shape, this citrus australasica grows mainly in Queensland, Australia. They have a distinctly strong zest, and inside, the pulp is round and bright green. The juice inside each piece of pulp is sour, but not unpalatable like that of a true lime. Almost comparable to fish roe or caviar, the little beads of citrus burst in your mouth!

I have yet to use these lovely little finger limes in my cooking, but the lime that I had by itself was a refreshing little treat! I imagine the zest would be great to add in a ceviche, fruit salad, baked fish or grilled chicken, pork, added to cheesecakes or sorbets, or wherever a little burst of citrus and texture is needed!

If you ever see these, you have to try them! They are amazing and just show the unique and beautiful nature is.



8 thoughts on “New Ingredient: Finger Limes

  1. How cute are they?! Beautiful! I haven’t seen those before but it love citrus and bet I would love them.

  2. I like the sound of those….I don’t think we’ll be seeing them here in France for a while….I’ll just have to imagine them:)

  3. Oh my gosh so cute! Did you find them at a regular grocery store, or was it a specialty store? I’d love to try them out.

    • They were at the regular grocery store! They were a special or something… apparently they’re more common in California than any other state, but if you ever see them you HAVE to try them! Thekitchn has an article on them, too.

  4. I love finger limes! I have actually been searching for the name for ages. I was googling things like “little kiwis”. We have a friend who has a farm in California who brought them up to Canada for us one year. I’ve been trying to find them every since!

  5. I recently bought a finger lime plant, and it wont be another 2 or so years before they bear fruits with pink/red flesh/pearls. The fruits come in all sorts of colour, not just green. I think they look amazing and look forward to cooking with them. They’re quite difficult to find in Australia also. 🙂

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