New Ingredient: Beet Greens

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If you’ve ever bought beets, you’ve probably noticed that they’re often sold with their leafy tops attached. More often than not, these leafy heads get tossed away, but don’t let them wilt in the compost bin!

Beet greens are 100% edible. They can easily be substituted for another dark, leafy green, like rainbow chard or spinach, but they have their own distinct flavor. They shockingly taste a bit like beets!
The first time I discovered beet greens could be eaten, I was addicted! The hearty flavor of dark greens, paired with a subtle sweetness in the stems – sautéed in a little olive oil and garlic, it’s a simple delight that showcases the beauty of using kitchen scraps.
This humble green is also extremely versatile; you can:

  • quickly sauté in olive oil & garlic
  • blanch & add to eggs or a vegetable hash
  • chop and stir fry in a wok with mushrooms
  • add to borscht (duh), minestrone, or vegetable soups
  • toss with grains to up your vegetable intake

There are also recipes for beet green, kale, & cauliflower salad, simply sautéed with their roots, or even in a beautiful mushroom frittata!

What you do with beet greens is really up to you! Just make sure they don’t end up in the compost 😉

New Ingredient: Finger Limes

What are these things?

According to wikipedia, (and the little package they came in), these are finger limes. Appropriately named for their size and shape, this citrus australasica grows mainly in Queensland, Australia. They have a distinctly strong zest, and inside, the pulp is round and bright green. The juice inside each piece of pulp is sour, but not unpalatable like that of a true lime. Almost comparable to fish roe or caviar, the little beads of citrus burst in your mouth!

I have yet to use these lovely little finger limes in my cooking, but the lime that I had by itself was a refreshing little treat! I imagine the zest would be great to add in a ceviche, fruit salad, baked fish or grilled chicken, pork, added to cheesecakes or sorbets, or wherever a little burst of citrus and texture is needed!

If you ever see these, you have to try them! They are amazing and just show the unique and beautiful nature is.